Cristiano Ronaldo becomes the first sportsperson on facebook to reach 100 million fans. (x)

Euro Qualifiers: Germany 1-1 Republic of Ireland | 14.10.2014
Toni Kroos 71’

“As I said before, Portugal will qualify first, because our national team is the best of the bunch and we will demonstrate that on the pitch, I am confident that we will be in the European Championships.

It is always good to score. Logically, with both Real Madrid and the national team it is always rewarding to score goals. I have to work well and I am proud to be entering on to a new page.”

- Cristiano Ronaldo interview after Portugal’s win over Denmark | 14.10. 2014 

”It will be a smooth transition. I’m not immortal, I won’t last forever, but at the moment I feel good and believe I can help my country qualify for the Euros. After you fail to win a game, all sorts of things go through your mind; you feel angry. It’s like when you have an argument with your brother and you think “I’ll kill him”, but you don’t mean it.

I want to keep playing for the national team for as long as possible while the gaffer wants me. When you’ve been in the Real Madrid and Spain team for as long as I have, people demand you be the best, the same player as always. You have to live with that pressure and respond to criticism on the pitch. I savour trophies more these days. 

I feel loved in the Bernabéu. Nobody likes to be whistled but the fans are sovereign and they can express themselves however they like. I have to play well and hopefully at the end of the season we’ll be able to come together at Cibeles after winning a title.”

Iker Casillas at a media event organized by Mahou15.10.2014

Raphaël and Antoine after the France - Armenia game


Gareth can’t stop laughing when he was shooting for FAWTV,Oct.12,2014

this is so funny,I cant stop laughing when I watching this video^^

Ronaldo vs. Varane | 11.10.2014

Cristiano Ronaldo scores his third hat-trick in four League games (2’, 55’ & 88’)